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EORI stands for the Economic Operator Registration Identification Number. The EORI number is very important for a company that engages in international trading. This number is assigned to importers and exporters. The EORI number is compulsory for all companies which export goods to European countries. As well for those who import goods from any European country. 

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EORI Validity check

Validity check

EORI NumberThe EORI number is usually an extension of the trader’s VAT number. The country code will be the prefix of the EORI number. Then there will be a series of numbers following it. The validity of the EORI number can be easily checked online. This validity check applies both for the supplier’s as well as for the client’s EORI numbers.


It is very important to ensure that the customs agent always enters your EORI number accurately, so as to avoid any problems. This is particularly important in case there is the need for any refunds of the VAT by the tax authorities.

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