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EORI number

EORI number, or, the Economic Operator Registration Identification Number, is a number assigned to a company that imports and/or exports to other European countries. The EORI number is obligatory and its assignment came into effect since the 1st of July 2009. Having businesses being identified with their EORI number helps the customs authorities in European countries to identify traders who are engaging in exporting and/or importing activities. If your company is considering engaging in trading activities with one or more EU member states, then it needs to have an EORI number. Thus it will need to apply for it. This is one other administrative task that a fiscal representative can handle for you, among the myriad of other formalities and paperwork that need to be seen to when you engage in trading activities with EU member state/s. VACUE can assist you in moving to more peace of mind, by having a fiscal representative handle these tasks for you. The EORI number registration is one of these tasks, and it is best carried out by a professional who is used to the process and its related paperwork. Contact VACUE by sending an email, or else by clicking on the Information Request button. We will get back to you and from then onwards you will be able to benefit from a much simpler and more efficient handling of paperwork and other issues that can arise in relation to EORI, VAT, customs and related matters, thanks to a professional fiscal representative.

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