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EORI number application

An EORI number application is needed when you intend to engage in importing or exporting with one or more European countries. Besides being VAT registered, traders also need to have a unique identification number, which is referred to as the EORI number. This number stands for the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number. This scheme was introduced to harmonize the trading carried out within the EU, as well as for the customs authorities to better identify the respective traders. The EORI number application form needs to be duly completed and submitted. The information to be filled in will depend on a number of things, namely, whether the company in question is already VAT registered or not. Since the EORI number application process may lead to some uncertainties, it is better to have a fiscal representative to take care of it for you. Besides saving you time and effort in trying to understand the EORI number application form, it will also guarantee that the application is completed properly. The fiscal representative will have gone through the EORI number application process in that particular country numerous times, and so it is the most feasible and efficient way to go about this, as most probably you will not be able to understand neither the application nor the other paperwork that will need to be submitted. VACUE can assist you in having a fiscal representative to support you in these matters. Contact us to let us know that you are interested in availing of a fiscal representative’s service and we will be pleased to assist you.

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EORI number application

EORI number application

EORI NumberThe application for the assignment of the EORI number consists of a form that will need to be completed and sent to the relevant authority in that country. The details of the economic operator to whom the EORI number is going to be assigned will need to be entered in the EORI number application form. The details include the date of establishment of the business, the registered address, and the VAT number. One will also need to attach a letter of authorization for representation to show that the fiscal representative is the person who is legally handling these matters on behalf of your company. Other documents will need to be attached to the EORI number application form. The authority that is responsible for registering and assigning EORI numbers to economic operators will then see to the application and issue your EORI number in due course.

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