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EORI registration

EORI registration is needed when you are going to be dealing with EU countries, either by importing or exporting. The Economic Operator Registration and Identification scheme (EORI), was activated back in July 2009, and it was introduced mainly so as to improve the interactions between the customs authorities of the various EU member states. Strictly speaking the EORI number is basically just like having the VAT number. So, just as you had to go through VAT registration, your business needs to go through EORI registration. The EORI number is a reference or identification number which is assigned to a trader who is going to engage in exporting or importing activities. The EORI registration process is best handled by a professional fiscal representative, who will know what information and documents are required to complete the application. All economic operators headquartered outside the EU need to have an EORI number, as this will be used whenever they will lodge a customs declaration for instance. The EORI number will also be required in other cases and instances such as to apply for the AEO status and to apply for simplifications in economic procedures. The EORI registration and the prevalence of these aspects are best left in the hands of an experienced fiscal representative as they may lead to complications for someone who is not specialized in these fields. The fiscal representative will also be familiar with the EORI guidelines and rules when going through the EORI registration process. So, if you want to avoid problems, and save time, the best option is to have a fiscal representative take care the EORI registration process on your behalf. VACUE can help you do this.

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