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EU VAT refund

An EU VAT refund refers to the case where your business may be entitled to have the EU VAT refunded by the authorities of the country where you were charged VAT. There are different laws regarding EU VAT refunds as some EU countries do not allow an EU VAT refund for certain transactions. Therefore getting an EU VAT refund and being aware if you are entitled for it in the first place, ends up being a bit more complicated than you might think. As a result it is best to have a fiscal representative to handle taxation matters for you in foreign countries, as he or she will also see to your VAT refunds. The fiscal representative will know whether you are eligible for an EU VAT refund or not, claim it, and then see that the refund is given. EU VAT refund procedures vary from one country to another and if you have a fiscal representative you will have the assurance that the process for claiming your EU VAT refund will be handled properly by him/her. Moreover, there could be cases where the country who should be paying your EU VAT refund is late in issuing this refund. In such cases you may be able to claim interest on that refund. The fiscal representative will be able to see to all this for you, and since he/she is experienced in these matters you may rest assured that you will be getting what you are supposed to get thanks to him/her.

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