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Fiscal representation in France for French VAT as a non-resident trader is practically a must if your company deals with French companies by exporting or importing. There are so many different rules imposed by the French tax authorities, that it is difficult for you to be aware of them all. To make things even more problematic, in France it is quite normal to find practically all the documentation in French, and so if you do not know the French language, you will need translation services, which do not come cheap. Apart from taxation issues, and language problems, there are also rules pertaining to customs, which also tend to differ from one country to another, and France is no exception. So, when considering all this, it is only through fiscal representation in France that you can put your mind at rest. This is because with fiscal representation in France, you will be able to have a professional person handling all the taxation and customs issues. With fiscal representation services in France, you will basically have an experienced person who will be acting on your behalf. Besides the fact that he or she will know all the intricacies relating to VAT and customs, the fiscal representative will be fluent in French, and so you will not have to worry about anything at all. First of all each rule will be known beforehand thanks to his/her experience in the field, and there is no need to worry that there could be any misunderstandings occurring with the French authorities. With fiscal representation in France, all the filings and administrational processes will be handled for you. Fiscal representation in France can be arranged for you by VACUE.

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