TAX representation

Tax representation services are very helpful for a business owner or manager. Taxation laws are difficult to understand, and when one needs to know what different taxation laws from various countries state, it is even more problematic. One of the main problems is that besides technical jargon and certain terms, it is easy to get confused or not be able to understand much. Therefore having someone to assist you in these matters is ideal. Moreover, it is worth pointing out that failure to adhere to the taxation laws will easily lead to fines and penalties, and it could well be that you were not even aware that you were doing something wrong in the first place. Therefore tax representation services are practically indispensable as they can ultimately save you both time and money, not to mention the whole ordeal of trying to understand the various taxation laws of different countries that you deal with. Tax representation services can be provided through a fiscal representative, who will be found for you through the VACUE network. There are many experienced fiscal representatives based in different countries, who can offer tax representation services that will suit your specific needs. Contact VACUE today to get more information on the tax representation services that you can start availing of to make your business comply with the rules and regulations as well as make taxation issues as straightforward as possible.

Tax representation requests?

Do you represent an American or European company and have any kind of request related to tax representation? Fill out the form at 'Information Request'. Within 8 working hours you get response.

Tax representation and international transactions

Dealing with international taxable transactions

Tax Representation Services in EuropeThe fiscal representative will offer you peace of mind as he/she will be taking care of all your transactions, so as to ensure that they are being carried out properly. If your company engages in international trading, then you need someone to handle any issues that might arise relating to taxable transactions being carried out in that country. This becomes more important if you do not have your headquarters or offices based in that country.

How does it work?

The process is really simple and quick.

  • Contact VACUE online by filling in the form on the website 'Information Request'. Explain what you are enquiring about, that is, if it is about tax representation issues.
  • Upon receiving your request we will then get in touch with our specialists, depending on what you explained in your request. There are several specialists who will be able to suit your specific needs.
  • These specialists will subsequently contact you, either by calling you or by sending an email. It is VACUE's priority to ensure that communication is as prompt as possible, and so we guarantee that you will receive a reply from the tax specialists within just 8 hours.
  • Within 8 hours the specialist will update VACUE with the status of your request so that we will be informed of what is going to happen with regards to the service required, and be in a better position to manage it all for your utmost satisfaction.

Advantages of tax representation services


Tax representation services provided by a fiscal representative will help you to ensure that your transactions are being carried out properly and according to the laws in that country. The fiscal representatives are experts in taxation matters and through their solid international background and experience they enable you to gain in various ways. The fiscal representative will ensure that the domestic tax liabilities are fulfilled, and that your tax obligations are too. The fiscal representative will take care of all the taxation matters on your behalf. From registering you for VAT, preparing your VAT returns and reclaims, and handling any taxation issues with the tax authority in that country; this is what tax representation services involve. Just imagine how problematic it could end up being for you to keep up with all of these matters in different countries if you do not have a fiscal representative acting on your behalf.


Availing of a professional tax representation service will help you to benefit from expert guidance and support throughout all the taxation matters your business needs to deal with. The fiscal representative who will be taking care of your tax representation needs will be a single point of contact for your business, thus facilitating communication and operations greatly. Cost efficiency is another benefit of hiring a tax representative. You will also be able to have the peace of mind that your tax compliance is practically guaranteed when you have a professional fiscal representative taking care of things for you. He/she will ensure that filing, reporting and other paperwork are delivered in time and according to the laws of that country. Tax representation services will also include tax planning and guidance.