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VAT compliance is an area that calls for a lot of attention. Being a company calls for various business operations, and when you decide to engage in international trading, matters tend to get more complicated due to the various differences in taxation and customs rules in different countries. Value Added Tax is one of the most complicated forms of taxation. Due to the requirements relating to regular completion and submission of VAT returns, you are most likely going to end up confused and burdened. However VAT compliance is of utmost importance because failure to adhere to these rules can lead to various problems for your business. To ensure that you are doing all that it takes for VAT compliance, it is best to hire a fiscal representative. Through the VACUE network you may avail of the services of professional fiscal representatives who are VAT specialists. Thanks to this service, the burden of VAT compliance can be lifted off your shoulders as the fiscal representative will be able to see to it all from start to finish. In order to work towards VAT compliance, the fiscal representative will first advise on whether your business needs to register for VAT, and if so, he/she will take care of the VAT registration process. From then onwards VAT compliance can be guaranteed as the fiscal representative will prepare and submit the VAT returns whenever required, as well as take care of any liaison with the tax authorities in connection with any compliance visits or disputes.

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VAT ComplianceVAT planning and advice whenever there are any complex transactions will also be offered by the fiscal representative. So as you may see, it is highly beneficial to have a fiscal representative take care of all these VAT related duties for you, because apart from ensuring that everything is being handled properly and in a timely fashion, you will also have the peace of mind that there is no need for you to try to understand the complicated issues and rules related to VAT.

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