VAT no

The VAT No an identification number which is given to a business that applies to be VAT registered. The VAT No varies from one country to another in terms of its format and the length. However, it always starts with the prefix of the country which assigns it, and is then followed by a series of numbers, and sometimes characters. Whenever a business supplies goods or services which are VAT taxable, it needs to be VAT registered, and thus it will have its VAT No. This also applies whenever there is a business that acquires goods or a service from another country. One of the main misconceptions about the VAT No that is assigned is that one number will suffice to engage in trading with any country. However this is not the case as if your business imports goods from three countries, and exports to another four countries, then it needs to apply for a VAT No from each one of those seven countries. So, each EU country will issue a national VAT No to a firm. Applying for a VAT No is a process which varies from one country to another too, and considering all of these variances it is best to have a fiscal representative in each of the countries where you intend to be VAT registered. Having such a professional will simplify the process since he or she will know all about what it takes to register for VAT in a particular country, and how to get your VAT number. Start availing of the services of a fiscal representative to make sure that you are complying with all the tax rules in the countries you deal with.

VAT number requests?

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What is the VAT No

What it is

VAT No in EuropeThe purpose of the VAT No is for the tax authorities to keep track of the VAT tax that is paid by a business, as well as VAT tax credits.

Should every business apply for a VAT No


It is always a good idea to be VAT registered and to have a VAT no despite the fact that strictly speaking you would need to exceed the minimum VAT threshold of that particular country in terms of the total turnover of your business to be liable to pay VAT. However if your business is not based in a European country you would need to be VAT registered anyway to be allowed to engage in business activities with any EU member state.

Why should you have a VAT No


Having a VAT no gives you some protection against being fined or penalized in case your total business taxable turnover exceeds the threshold imposed by that country. It is also worth noting that when you have a VAT no it means that your business is VAT certified. This gives your business more credibility.

Fiscal representative

Having a fiscal representative taking care of the VAT registration process and getting your VAT no, is a good idea as he/she will know what it takes to go through these procedures. In case you may claim taxes on goods or services purchased for business purposes, the fiscal representative will need your VAT No to proceed. Thus with a VAT no you can have the peace of mind that everything is in order, and there may be cases where you get to save money too. A fiscal representative will be able to tackle all of the matters relating to VAT on your behalf, and getting your VAT No is basically one of the starting points to enable your form to do business with other countries.

How does it work?

The process is really simple and quick.

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