VAT number

The VAT number, or the VAT registration number, is basically the value added tax identification number in Europe. This unique VAT number is assigned to your business once the VAT registration process is completed. This VAT number is an important number as it identifies your business in other countries for VAT purposes. The format and the length of the VAT number varies from one country to another. Most businesses will need the VAT number as most business activities call for VAT registration.

VAT number requests?

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VAT number obligation


VAT number in EUA business is obliged to register for VAT when it supplies goods or services which are VAT taxable, or when they acquire goods from another country, and even in the case of receiving a service. The more European countries your business deals with, the more complicated the process becomes. This is due to the fact that you are not going to have the same VAT number for all EU countries depending on the VAT treshold. Every EU country will issue a specific national VAT number for your business. And apart from that the format of each VAT number is going to vary according to the country. The VAT identification number will begin with the code of the country in question, and then it is followed by a number of digits or characters. The VAT number will be issued when you have a fiscal representative acting on your behalf.

Fiscal representative

Having a fiscal representative greatly simplifies the process, while also ensuring that you won’t have anything to worry about. The fiscal representative will be a tax specialist, and he or she will know all about the formalities to register for VAT in that particular country, and getting your VAT number. Subsequently he/she will also take care of preparing and filing your VAT returns. If the complexities of international taxation worry you, this is all the more reason why you need to avail of the services of a fiscal representative, who will be there for you every step of the way. Doing business in Europe is directly linked with dealing with VAT, and that is why you should contact VACUE so as to start benefiting from the assistance of a professional fiscal representative.

How does it work?

The process is really simple and quick.

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  • These specialists will subsequently contact you, either by calling you or by sending an email. It is VACUE's priority to ensure that communication is as prompt as possible, and so we guarantee that you will receive a reply from the tax or customs specialists within just 8 hours.
  • Within 8 hours the specialist will update VACUE with the status of your request so that we will be informed of what is going to happen with regards to the service required, and be in a better position to manage it all for your utmost satisfaction.

What is the VAT number

Value Added Tax

This identification number is used in many countries to track VAT tax that is paid, as well as VAT tax credits and the VAT tax which is charged to customers. This number is a tax identifier which allows the tax authorities and the government to keep track of the VAT tax activities of businesses.

Requirements for a VAT number


Every EU member state has a minimum VAT threshold, and so if your company is headquartered in the EU and your business’s sales exceed this threshold, the business will need to have a VAT number. However, even if this threshold may not be reached in your case, it is still a good idea to apply for a VAT number. In the case of businesses who are not headquartered in an EU member state, then it is a must to apply for a VAT number if you are doing some sort of business with one or more European country, irrespective of your turnover.


With a VAT number you can have some peace of mind that any fines or penalties can be avoided should your business’s taxable turnover go above the set threshold.

Many businesses will be more inclined to do business with a company that is VAT certified. So the VAT number can help in improving your company profile.

The fiscal representative will ensure that you can claim taxes on any goods or services that are purchased for business purposes, and this will reduce the firm’s taxable income. So in this case having a VAT number will save you money.