VAT registration number

The VAT registration number is a must if your company operates in EU. This could include importing and/or exporting countries. As a trader, you may not be aware of the various processes that need to be carried out to allow you to do business with European countries, and the VAT registration number is one of these mandatory requirements. Registering for the VAT number is a process which varies from one country to another. The requirements will vary but in each case they will be based on the EU’s VAT Directive. This needs to be implemented into the local legislation of each European member state. Thus, as you may see getting your VAT registration number is a must, and yet it could prove to be a rather complicated and time consuming process, especially if you deal with several different countries. The VACUE network has always been committed to make things a bit simpler for you, and the allowing an expert to guide you through the process of getting your VAT number is one of the services that you may avail of. If you have no idea on how to go about this, there is no need to worry because we at VACUE can help you by assigning an expert who will be able to assist you from start to finish.

VAT registration number related questions

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VAT registration number experts


VAT registration numberIt is normal for a business owner who has just started to learn about these administrational processes to feel a bit confused. Matters tend to get even more complicated when considering that every EU member state will have diverse requirements and processes. However, with an expert to guide you through, your uncertainty and doubts can be resolved. In fact the experts will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have, such as when a company needs to register for a VAT number. The EU VAT number is one of the main efforts that was introduced to harmonize the European VAT system.

Foreign trader

A foreign trader is required to register for a local VAT number if he/she is going to buy and/or sell goods from or in any European country. The VAT registration number is also required whenever one golds goods in warehouses located in EU countries, or even in cases when one is going to hold an exhibition or conference in that country. Even when selling goods to consumers online or through catalogues, a trader will need to register for a VAT number.


So as you may see the VAT registration number is a very important part of your trading operations and it is practically a basic requirement for any trader nowadays. Once a company has received its VAT number it is free to start trading and charging VAT on the foreign transactions that it carries out.

How to get a VAT registration number

How to apply

The process of registering for your VAT number can be handled by an expert. Once the obligation to VAT register number is established, the expert will start to complete the local VAT registration number form which needs to be submitted. Along with this form it is also important to present certain important supporting documentation, and the expert will take care of this for you too. Since the application will often be in the language of the country in question, it is important to have an expert take care of it since all the experts we assign will be fluent in that particular language to render the process as uncomplicated and as straightforward as possible for you. Moreover, since each country has its own VAT number formats, it is very helpful to have an expert to explain the VAT number format to you. Considering all this, it is evident that hiring an expert in VAT registration number is very advantageous.

How does it work?

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