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VAT returns UK need to be filed periodically, so as to show the VAT your business has to pay to the tax authorities. VAT returns UK are generally filed four times annually, and so they practically become part of your business’s financial routines. As a VAT registered company you have an obligation to file VAT returns UK. In fact, there is a threshold set. Once this is exceeded your business is obliged to register for VAT, and to submit the VAT returns. A fiscal representative can assist you in the VAT registration process, as well as in the subsequent VAT returns UK filing obligations. As soon as your business is VAT registered a VAT number will be assigned and you will need to add the VAT rate to the price of the goods or services you sell to your customers. This VAT is then to be forwarded to the tax authority. The VAT return is a form that needs to be duly completed and filed within a set date. The VAT return will show how much VAT your business is due to pay, according to what you collected from your sales within that particular period. The form will also include any VAT which your business may be eligible to reclaim in that period. Since the process of completing the VAT return tends to be rather time consuming, and as this needs to be done on a regular basis, it is best to have a professional take care of it for you. A fiscal representative can see to all the duties related to VAT returns UK, as well as handle any associated documents. He or she will have the necessary experience to tackle any problems or issues which might arise, and thanks to his/her knowledge in taxation matters, you will not have to worry about anything yourself.

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