VAT returns UK

VAT returns UK need to be filed periodically, so as to show the VAT your business has to pay to the tax authorities. VAT returns UK are generally filed four times annually, and so they practically become part of your business’s financial routines. As a VAT registered company you have an obligation to file VAT returns UK. In fact, there is a threshold set. Once this is exceeded your business is obliged to register for VAT, and to submit the VAT returns. A fiscal representative can assist you in the VAT registration process, as well as in the subsequent VAT returns UK filing obligations. As soon as your business is VAT registered a VAT number will be assigned and you will need to add the VAT rate to the price of the goods or services you sell to your customers. This VAT is then to be forwarded to the tax authority. The VAT return is a form that needs to be duly completed and filed within a set date. The VAT return will show how much VAT your business is due to pay, according to what you collected from your sales within that particular period. The form will also include any VAT which your business may be eligible to reclaim in that period. Since the process of completing the VAT return tends to be rather time consuming, and as this needs to be done on a regular basis, it is best to have a professional take care of it for you. A fiscal representative can see to all the duties related to VAT returns UK, as well as handle any associated documents. He or she will have the necessary experience to tackle any problems or issues which might arise, and thanks to his/her knowledge in taxation matters, you will not have to worry about anything yourself.

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What is a VAT Return in UK

In the UK

VAT Returns UKA VAT return, which is also sometimes referred to as a VAT declaration, is just like a summary of the business’s sales and purchases, along with their respective VAT amounts, in a given period. VAT returns UK vary from those that are completed in other countries as every country has its respective tax authority and rules. Therefore, if your business deals in different European countries you will have to submit VAT returns in each of them. Thus, it is evident that the experience of a fiscal representative will be very useful when it comes to completing and filing tax returns for your business.

How can a fiscal representative help with your VAT Returns in UK


A fiscal representative is an expert in taxation and customs, and so he/she will take care of all such matters on your behalf. He/she will be like a local representative for your company in that particular country. The fiscal representative will primarily register your business for VAT and get your VAT number. Afterwards, the fiscal representative will start to see to your VAT returns. A fiscal representative will also see to other taxation and customs matters, such as requesting the EORI number to be assigned to your company, handling the Intrastat returns and resolving any issues which may arise with tax or customs authorities. The fiscal representative will also ensure that you reclaim any VAT that is due to you, and stick to the deadlines and other rules to make sure that you are not subjected to any fines or penalties. The fiscal representative’s duties are thus numerous and quite demanding. Considering all of these matters, and their respective importance, it goes without saying that a fiscal representative can be indispensable for your business. So if you want to ensure that your VAT returns UK and other taxation and customs matters are handled professionally and efficiently, you need to have a fiscal representative take care of them for you.

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