VAT Tax is of critical importance for companies who trade in Europe. VAT tax needs to be paid by traders depending in which, or with which European countries they deal with. VAT tax rates vary from one country to another, and despite the fact that there is the VAT Directive, each country can set a specific VAT tax rate independently, as long as it is higher than the standard of 15%. VAT tax gets calculated on the value of products and services. The seller will need to establish the selling price for the particular product or service, and then multiply it by the applicable VAT rate so as to achieve the actual selling price that the buyer will eventually be paying. The VAT part of the price will then be given to the VAT authority of the particular country. Therefore, for a business to engage in importing and/or exporting activities with one or more European countries, it is a must to be VAT registered. To register for VAT there is a process that needs to be completed and this varies from one country to another as well. An application form will need to be completed and submitted along with the required paperwork and documents. Thereafter the VAT authority of that country will proceed to assign a VAT number to the business.

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VAT Tax registration process


The VAT Tax registration process

Considering that the VAT registration process varies from one country to another, as do the VAT rates, it is highly recommended to have a fiscal representative based in each European country to see to the registration process as well as to subsequent tasks relating to VAT. In fact, once the business is VAT registered there will then be the VAT returns to see to. Such returns will need to be duly prepared and submitted on a periodical basis to the tax authority of each European country the business deals with. VAT returns are basically documents which summarize the business operations carried out during a set period of time. There will be the sales and the respective turnover, as well as any purchases that were affected. There will also be the applicable VAT amounts on each transaction. If your business deals with several European countries you can only imagine how demanding the process of preparing and submitting VAT returns ends up being. Besides the different requirements in the paperwork involved, there will be a lot of preparation involved as well as the importance of submitting them on time. Thus to simplify matters it is highly recommended to hire a fiscal representative in each European country. Such a professional will be experienced in VAT returns, registration as well as any other duties that will need to be seen to from time to time.

Handling VAT Tax

Fiscal representative is handling VAT Tax

The fiscal representative will be handling everything with the tax and customs authorities on your behalf, and should there be any matters of discussion, issues or problems with such authorities, he/she will also see to them personally. The communications and dealings with the tax and customs authorities will be greatly facilitated considering the fiscal representative’s experience, as well as his/her knowledge of the local language. The fiscal representative will also be able to ensure that everything is being seen to according to the local laws and regulations, and that any problems which could lead to fines or penalties are avoided. Such problems could arise easily if inaccurate or late reporting is carried out, and if you deal with numerous countries, it is easy to end up doing this as you would need to see to everything on your own. VAT tax also involves the issue of VAT refunds.

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VAT Tax refunds

Fiscal representative will taking care of VAT Tax refunds

This is yet another area that the fiscal representative will be taking care of. your business might be entitled for VAT refunds on certain transactions, and chances are you may not be aware of it, or do not know how to go about requesting such a refund in time. The fiscal representative will handle such matters for you and make sure that you get what is owed to you. So as you may see the services of a fiscal representative are broad and extensive. VACUE can help you avail of the services of a fiscal representative in the European country or countries of your choice. All VAT tax matters will be handled expertly by the fiscal representative, thus ensuring your peace of mind.